Presidents Project, Inc.

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    Since October 2013 we have raised over $4,000 for other
non-profits that help wounded soldiers and their families!!

Presidents and Their
First Ladies
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   The Wounded Warrior Project
Oct. 2013 - $2121.00
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Presidents and Their First Ladies,
               dramatically speaking
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33 Presidential Couples in 5 Days

WE DID IT !!! In Oct. 2013, Presidents and Their First Ladies
presented 33 stories of our America's First Couples; we raised
over $2,000.00 for The Wounded Warrior Project. Re-live
what it takes to do such a mammoth undertaking by only two
people by watching this powerpoint display...Hope you enjoy it...
   The Wounded Warriors of South Florida
March, 2014 - $641.00
The Fisher House
        of Palm Beach
January, 2015 - $1665.00