Dan Wills


33 in 5 days---2013

We presented all of our shows at that time over 5 days in Ocean City, MD raising over $2000.00 for The

Wounded Warrior Project

Presidents and First Ladies helping our wounded soldiers

as portrayed by William and Sue Wills

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From Majors to Major Generals


Again in Royal Palm Beach,  the Monroes, McKinleys, Hayes and Garfileds combined for a $1860.00 donation to Homes for Our Troops

​​We are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Click to see IRS
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P R E S I d e n t s  P r o j e c t  I N C

a 501 c 3 non profit,

helping our wounded soldiers and their families

The life stories of


 William and Sue Wills are a rare couple - they have made a living at theater for 4 decades while raising a family. Their greatest joy were the years when all three of their children - Dan, Jennifer and Rebecca - worked beside them on stage. They have really had two careers.  The first was operating a theater company in Ocean City , Md for 20 years producing their own written musicals for children and their families and also the typical summer theater Broadway fare. Then for what has been 24 years, they created and performed

" Presidents and Their First Ladies, dramatically speaking" showcasing the life stories of 35 American Presidents and their wives who were First Ladies.  Together they have appeared together on stage over 9,000 times.
   They know how blessed they were that their son came home from war in one piece and their prayers go out every day for those soldiers and families whose lives have been changed forever.   

    Now once a year they produce a special presentation featuring various Presidents and their Wives to raise money for other 501 c 3 organizations that specifically help wound soldiers and the their families. To date, they have raised over $18,000.

All net profits will be donated to

HOMES FOR OUR TROOPS  www.hfotusa.org

Building specially adapted custom homes for severe injured post-9/11 Veterans. Funds will go to specifically help build the home for

Marine SSgt Liam Dwyer in Lake Worth, FL

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The Roosevelts of New York


Again in Royal Palm Beach,  the Theodore and Edith Roosevelt AND Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt for a $2500.00 donation to The Independence Fund

P R E S I d e n t s  P r o j e c t  I N C

a 501 c 3 non profit,

helping our wounded soldiers and their families

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Meet Our officers

From Gettysburg to Camelot 


At the Royal Palm Beach Cultural Center, Lincolns  and Kennedys raised $1665 for the West Palm Beach FisherHouse

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​​​​The United States has elected two men with backgrounds in the Quaker faith who were as different as could be -those two men were Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon. Both have problematic Presidential legacies: Hoover, the Depression and Nixon, resignation from office. Yet each won electoral college landslides 83% and 96% respectively. Their life stories with their wives are ones of great interest and include many facts that will surprise you. Regarding Lou and Pat when you hear of their courage you will wonder why they are not more praised.

When A General followed a Captain


At the Boynton Beach Civic Center  the Trumans and the Eisenhowers  raised $3000.00 for  the Fisher House. A personal $3000 donation raised the total to $6000.

 Johnson and Johnson


At the Finland House in Lantana              Andrew & Eliza Johnson,

    Lyndon & Lady Bird Johnson 

        raised $3700.00 for  the

Wounded Veterans Relief Fund 


​​Wednesday , February 5, 2020 from 1 PM – 3:30 PM  Finland House, 301 Central Blvd. in Lantana, FL.

William and Sue Wills

   Dan spent his first 21 years bringing joy to people entertaining both with his family on stage and at a frontier theme park. His enthusiasm and energy warmed the hearts of all who saw him.
   Dan was 26 when September 11, 2001 happened and he immediately joined the Army to help his country. Dan was invovled in the Iraq invasion, stayed a year and returned for 2nd tour. Dan came home safe and sound and is now a paramedic/fireman for the Town of Ocean City Maryland .  But thousands of others who served came home burdened with physical and mental problems. To remember them and to give support to their families, it is in Dan's honor that we created Presidents Project, Inc.

​​The Founding Fathers - 2014

Washington, Adams, Madison, Monroe.came to life in West Palm Beach and raised $641.00 for the South Florida Wounded Warriors